Security doors

Zona artigianale D1
75025 Policoro (MT)
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Located in the heart of the plain of Metaponto, Dieffe cleverly combines the tradition with a sophisticated and innovative way of designing, developing and marketing security doors, suitable for the customer. The company, founded by the D’Adamo family, celebrates this year 38 years of activity.

Since 1976, in fact, it has been offering exclusive products both in terms of safety and beauty: Dieffe doors are IMQ certified since 2000, and designed by master glassblowers and artisans of proven professionalism. Dieffe products are widespread all over the country thanks to a well-established business network and the company is now closer to its customers’ needs with a renewed catalog available in all retail outlets; moreover there is a well designed website (under construction) on which you can find a library that makes it possible to truly “draw” your own security door.

Dieffe has twenty employees - including skilled workers, artisans and technicians - and it is directly run by D’Adamo family members. What allows Dieffe to have been on the market for more than thirty years is the proven management pyramid structure of the company, which is able to successfully combine the crucial segments of Marketing, Research and Development, Production, Administration and Sales.

Over the years, the company has always kept great attention to the changes in domestic and foreign trends and markets, in order to provide up-to-date products, both in terms of design and quality; in addition, the company has consistently used innovative and safer materials and closure devices in order to guarantee always the best doors.


Security doors, security shutters in wooden appearance specializing in bulletproof doors